Let me introduce myself

72E3BB11-F98E-4409-900E-9B27F2C6C95EI’m a girl from the Southside of Chicago who enjoys writing, meeting new people, trying new things and having fun. I treat life as a gift because we’re all fortunate to have one. My blog will focus on sex and music mainly because thats something that everyone can relate to. This won’t be anything typical, trust me. My goal for this blog is to dig deeper into sex and music. I’ll be giving reviews and suggestions on music and analyzing musical content such as lyrics, poetry, and videos. I’m encouraging sex positivity while also including sex education. Many people have sex but they don’t know what it comes with. Those body fluids we’re sharing actually mean something. I’ll include the pros of working out to keep your body looking good and to keep you more energized for sex. The right food to eat to keep your hygiene intact. The differences between waxing and shaving, and I will be giving information on the differences between lust and love. Those two definitely tend to mix when sex is involved. Also, I will talk about ways of breaking out of your shell and making yourself comfortable. This blog is for both men and women. I’m using sexual lyrics to combine my topics and giving my opinion on artists while asking for yours as well. Feel free to give me music suggestions as well! I don’t know about y’all but I’m always looking for something new to blast in my ears. What are some songs that you like to listen to while you’re in the mood?

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