Girls Need Loving Too

What’s a girl to do when she needs loving too?

Image by: pinkincubi

Released in July 2018, Summer Walkers ‘Girls Need Love’ has touched our souls with the peaceful instrumental and the soothing sound of her voice. This is definitely a vibe. Since then, us girls have been playing this song on repeat! The video has hit 2 million views and it became number 7 on the Apple Music R&B chart last Sunday. I’ve been seeing this song on everyone’s Snapchat videos, Facebook lives, and song lyrics in IG captions. Celebrities like Reginae Carter, Bernice Burgos, and Ariana Fletcher aka Ari have been playing it along with us.



I feel like this song hit all women on a emotional and spiritual level. Love is such a tricky thing especially in this generation because people want to play the game and portray themselves as heartless. Walkers lyrics puts this into perspective telling us how it seems like there’s almost no hope in finding the right one.

“I just need some d***. I just need some love. Tired of f***ing with these lame n****s baby, I just need a Thug.”

Men often perceive women as being complicated and not knowing what they want but then when they come across a woman that’s sure of herself and knows what she wants, it’s like the disappointment still happens. It leaves you wondering when are you finally going to meet someone who’s on the same page as you. When is it going to be real?

Independent women intimidate men in regards to sex, career, and relationships. We make our own money, we don’t put up with any bullshit, and we don’t have time for games.

“Honestly, I’m tryna stay focused you must think I’ve got to be joking when I say I don’t think I can wait. I just need it now.”

Thought Catalog says that 40% of women have jobs in management and other professional fields. Women in these modern times are capable of working a full-time job and supplying their financial needs. They don’t have time to go back and fourth and play mind games because they have business to take care of. They’re trying to stay focused and reach their goals but they know what it is to be in a committed and balanced relationship. They’re not ashamed to tell you what they want and how they want it. They’ll tell you their expectations and dealbreakers from the start and make it clear about how they feel.

Being showered with gifts and even paying bills are greatly appreciated but we are capable of doing those things ourselves too.

We want MORE! It’s nice to hear those sweet things you tell us from time to time. Do it more often. Take action and be romantic. We want sex too! Most times we want it more than men do.

Show us that you’re interested in our favorite shows and our rants about work. Have goals and build with us. I can’t express enough on how much the little things matter because although we want the big picture we are still paying attention to the details.

We all have expectations but when a woman expresses how she wants things, we get ridiculed and criticized for wanting “too much”.

Walker speaks our most inner thoughts that we say to ourselves in our alone time.

“Girls can’t never say they want it Girls can’t never say how, Girls can’t never say they need it, Girls can’t never say now…”

Yes, we may come off as complicated and unbearable at times, but in reality we know exactly what we want. Men just have to take the time and effort to listen to us. Most of all try to understand us and see where we are coming from because in the end just like y’all want to be appreciated and loved, we want the same thing. Girls need love too!

When was the last time you stopped playing mind games and actually tried to see where things could go?

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