Waxing vs. Shaving: My Experience

‘I only go down if you keep the grass cut.’

– Ester Dean feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne (Drop it Low Remix)

Image from Sex & The City

I got my first wax last year around September 2017 and I haven’t shaved since. I went to the European Wax Center in the South Loop and y’all I was so nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. When I went, I made sure that I cut my pubic hair down to an inch so she could be able to get all the hair. When she put the wax on me I screamed so loud, I almost cried but I took the pain like a gangsta. I looked in the mirror and I felt reborn. Ooooohhhhh child, I was definitely a new woman! My Lola Girl was so smooth y’all and my pubic hair didn’t grow back until the next month, I was so happy. They gave me this product called Smooth Me. They were wipes that kept me from having ingrown hairs or bumps and they also helped slow the regrowth of my pubic hairs. They definitely did what needed to be done! Ever since then I’ve tried to get one every four months… you’re really supposed to get one every month but I would be hesitant because the pain my fat mama felt was no joke!

Like everything in life, there’s no such thing as something being all good or all bad. Everything comes with a pro and a con. Depending on the texture of hair growth, thickness, and skin sensitivity will determine if shaving or waxing will benefit you in the long run.

Daily Toast says that each time you wax you minimize the thickness of the root of the hair because the follicle gets damaged, which overtime makes waxing hurt less.


  • Hairlessness: This is really the main reason why I decided to get a wax in the first place. Your hair doesn’t grow back until 4-6 weeks later so you can enjoy being bald for a good time period.
  • Confidence : When I said that I had became a new one, I meant it. I felt free and more attractive. I would walk pass the mirror naked like “Ooooohhhh who is that, yaaaassss that’s you Lola Girl. You looking good!”
  • No razor burn: When I would shave sometimes I would get razor burn and it would be so uncomfortable. I would be so mad that these red bumps would appear, messing up the presentation of my goodies. Sometimes it would hurt too, I’m so glad that that’s done and over with.
  • Hair thins over time: If you get a wax periodically, eventually your hair just thins out or stops growing altogether. This happens because your follicle has become stretched out and loose, so new hair isn’t growing as thick or it’s simply just falling out.

Even though, I love Brazilian waxes it’s some things that I just can’t stand.


  • You’re trusting a stranger being all up in the goods. I’m not really a shy person but it still makes me a little nervous to go every time. The first thing they say when you walk in is “Hey, take your clothes off and lay down I’ll be right with you.” My heart starts beating so fast every time like “Wow Ashley, you’re really doing this. You can’t turn back now.”
  • The pain is almost unbearable! I cringe, jump, and scream every single time. The lady is just like “You have to breathe and relax ma’am. Open up for me so I can make sure I’m getting everything.” I literally pray inside my head the whole time they’re waxing me. Surprisingly, when they wax your butt it doesn’t hurt.
  • The cost. You’re paying at least $40 – $60 depending on where you go. They usually drop the cost when you refer people to their place of business so it becomes a little bit cheaper overtime. You just got to remember that you get what you pay for.
  • Growing the hair back. You get so used to the hair not being there or being thin but when it’s time for you to get a new wax, you won’t be able to unless your hair has grown out a little bit. Each time you go your hair should be at least a inch, so you definitely have to spend time making sure that the hair has grown out before your next appointment.

For my people that are too scared to get waxes or would rather stick to shaving I have some tips for you! Shaving is like a love and hate relationship. Yes the hair is gone but it grows back so fast, then you have to worry about razor burns, cuts, ingrown hairs, and bumps. Well here’s a few things that worked for me when I used to shave and I hope they’re beneficial to you as well.

  • Coconut Oil: Before I would shave, I would cut my pubic hair very low then I would apply the coconut oil on my private area. My water solution would be on the side of me then I would dip my Venus Swirl Flexiball Razor in the water then shave downward or whichever direction that I saw my hair would grow. While I was shaving my pubic area, I was still getting moisture from the coconut oil.
  • Shea Butter: After I shaved all my pubic hair off. I would put Shea butter on my vagina to make it smoother and I would let it dry so the moisture could sink in.
  • Deodorant: Yes, you read that right. Deodorant! Growing up my Aunt would always put deodorant on her vagina to keep it from sweating just like we do with our armpits. Later on, I watched a video on YouTube explaining how to get rid of razor bumps and they said deodorant. Secret or Dove, as it’s a solid stick deodorant and not the spray on or the gel. I tried it and BOOM no more razor bumps. My theory is that just like your armpit needs moisture, so does your vagina. Think about it, after you shave your armpits and you don’t put deodorant there it, itches and becomes dry. You start to scratch it and get bumps. Same for your private area. They both need to have moisture and they both sweat. Deodorant will definitely do you justice because it minimizes you from sweating, minimizes the itch, and most of all you’re moisturized and smelling good When you apply it, make sure to smooth it out and don’t get it near the opening of your vagina. Guys, if you shave this works for you too!

I’m not here to tell you which one is better because at the end of the day, we all should do what works best for us. Just choose wisely & feel free to share your experiences with me.

One thought on “Waxing vs. Shaving: My Experience

  1. Antonymous

    Hi, I’m a guy and I can relate to an extent, I like to shave and I do it mostly on my chest, feet and underarms, though I don’t have much hair for a male it tends to be dark and noticeable :). I can really see how many prefer waxing as I have to shave every three days to keep the skin smooth and soft, but it’s still very comfortable and quick. I don’t mind that in summer as I tend to be very regular when in light clothes, shorts, sandals and scoop necks, as there’s lots of continuity between dressing and undressing. If I was annoyed by that I wouldn’t have started and imho you shouldn’t as well, as just shaving once you give yourself stubble and hair isn’t just gonna be the same and the regrowth is gonna be ugly and prickly for months haha 😀
    It gets softer but it’s only going gain the tapered ends back, when the old shaved hair sheds off, so it will look thicker all the time.
    If you shaved once by mistake or even a handful of time and didn’t like the look, don’t worry, just stop shaving, endure the annoying regrowth and stubble phase and hair is gonna return as if you never shaved it. It might get thicker for hormonal reasons.
    If you choose to keep shaving like me though, it’s perfectly fine, but mind there’s a chance that over a long time hair remains a little bit longer and maybe not as soft once you let it fully grow back and shed, I noticed it on myself this winter, though it might be just an impression, but it wasn’t really that bad at all. As I kept shaving all summer as planned it didn’t make difference to me, I knew that and made my choice :).
    But my tip would be once you shave a zone for a while, maybe some months, it’s best to decide whether to keep shaving from then on or to stop based on the look you prefer. Waxing on the other hand might thin out your hair and if you really hate stubble and the maintainance of shaving, the major pain might be worth it so waxing might be for you as it hurts but it’s out of your mind for almost a month.
    If you never did it and wanna switch from a long time shaving like me, it’s likely gonna be at least a bit more painful, but once done a few times never shaving again the worst should be all over :).


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