Who Really Won?

“Rest in peace to Pookie Loc blame it on me, never snitching. Lord knows I ain’t send the homie on no dummy mission.”

Jeezy (Forgive Me)

Image from Gucci Mane

15 years damn…

I must admit I never thought I would ever see these two in the same room together like EVER without more blood being shed.

GQ says that the beef initially started in 2004. The two collaborated on two tracks, “Black Tees” and “So Icy”, but the song “So Icy” got the most attention. Both were trying to push the songs as their own.

Gucci Mane used it as his lead single for his album Traphouse and Jeezy was trying to put it on his album as well. However the inquiry was not approved. Gucci Mane became irritated with the absence of Jeezy when it came to performing the song live and things just went downhill from there.

Diss songs were being made back & fourth. It even escalated to one of Jeezy’s associates, Henry Lee Clark III aka Pookie Loc getting killed in a robbery gone wrong.

Gucci Mane pleaded self defense and charges were dropped against him in 2006.

On Thursday (Nov 19.) the impossible happened. Gucci Mane and Jeezy battled against each other on an IG Live series called “Verzuz”.

Gucci Mane came out on straight bulls*** with his slick remarks and immediate songs dissing Jeezy. His disrespect was very much present and direct.

Jeezy remained cool, calm, and collected with his song catalog and behavior.

The battle quickly got heated when Gucci Mane performed “The Truth” and dissed Jeezy’s deceased associate. Jeezy addressed the situation and still kept his composure.

“When I said I wanted to do this s*** for the culture, that’s what I wanted to do n****. I brought you here to show you that the world care about what we got going on because WE ARE THE CULTURE. Me and you, US. All these kids out here doing what the f*** they do cause they saw what went on with us. This s*** ain’t about you, this s*** ain’t about me. This about King Von, this s*** about Doe B, this s*** about Nipsey Hussle, Mo3.”

Jeezy won the Verzuz battle, but Gucci won the disrespect forsure! Gucci Mane has the right to feel how he feels about the situation and to perform the song because, his life was the one that was in danger. As an Aquarius, I definitely understand why Gucci was so disrespectful and had no remorse. Once it’s up there, ITS UP!

However, Jeezy has already did what other people don’t know & never will do. He took ACCOUNTABILITY. No one knows how close Pookie Loc and Jeezy were, whether if they were close friends or just associates. Regardless, Jeezy still knows he was in the wrong and expressed that. The song “Forgive Me” speaks for itself.

Jeezy extended the olive branch to Gucci Mane to show the world that the impossible can happen. They’re both in their 40s’. Who wants to keep beefing and having animosity? The situation was small but turned big, like most situations do. This was a chance to stop the cycle because over the years, rap s*** turns into street s*** and that’s not how things are supposed to be at all.

Gucci Mane accepted the challenge to be disrespectful yes but deep down he feels the same.

In a way, Gucci is getting wrapped up in his old ways because of the company he’s keeping. The young dudes he be around are always on GO and they aren’t looking at the impact of things.

Honestly, think about it. When Gucci got out of prison and changed his life, people were saying that he was a clone. He’s a clone because he’s trying to better himself? He’s a clone because he’s not into the same things that he was into when he was in his 20s’? Being “savage” don’t last and it don’t get you anywhere. People challenged his reputation and questioned him. Its like he’s fighting with his past image vs. doing what’s better fit for him.

The people need to understand that, THESE ARE NOT THE SAME MEN FROM ‘05. Mindsets change, character evolves. The goal is to grow & prosper from your past.

People are calling Jeezy a p**** for not responding in a “gangsta” way but where would that get them? That would be a waste of our time because it would end in gun fire. Something that we’re used to seeing. Let’s be real, ain’t nobody fighting no more. That would defeat the original reason why they came together in the first place.

You can’t be biased and call Jeezy a p**** and not say the same thing about Gucci. He’s still in a room with a man who allegedly put a hit out on him and Jeezy is still alive. So who’s really the p****? NOBODY.

All this s*** was bigger than the music.

I think the big picture of it all was to shed light on how beefing with someone gets old… how many people are you willing to lose? Think about who you’re hurting if something were to happen to you. Think about who you’re leaving behind.

That’s why they both referenced King Von because like other rappers King Von was at the peak of his career & now he’s gone. We’ve had a few rappers who were at their peak but the streets got in the way. It’s crazy how small things can turn big & spiral out of control…

These two will most likely never be friends or even trust each other which is completely understandable, but a common ground was made. Especially when both performed “So Icy” in the ending and Gucci Mane made his statement.

“Aye man listen all respect. I appreciate you for throwing out the olive branch, I accept that. No disrespect it’s all love.”

Street s*** usually ends with somebody being in prison or somebody being dead. Jeezy & Gucci Mane are both alive and successful. In the end, nobody lost, it was even.

Forgiveness don’t make you weak. Grace don’t make you soft. An apology don’t make you a hypocrite. Being a gangsta is letting s*** slide because you have a family and priorities to take care of. Having integrity is admitting your mistakes and letting your people know y’all have came too far to let anything set you back. Being real is giving credit when its due.

Its chess not checkers.